Chris Martin


I’m Chris Martin (the comedian one not the countless others), welcome to my website. You are probably on here because you’ve seen me performing at a gig somewhere or on some television show or on the radio or you’re just an online psycho who wants to throw darts at my head. FYI, if you throw it at my face before printing it off, it’s your own property you’re damaging.

I’ve done some cool things over the last couple of years that you may or may not care about. I’ve supported Jack Whitehall (2011), Russell Kane (2012) & Milton Jones on his full tour for 2013.

I’ve performed a sold out run at Edinburgh Festival in 2011 for my show “Chris Martin: No, Not That One” & I’m doing my first solo tour in the spring of 2014. You should come along if I’m performing within a reasonable distance of where you live.
On twitter at @chrismcomedy