Matt Welcome


The master of the one liner, a very popular TV and live comic.

"Charismatic Welcome shows the confidence and ability of his experience every moment he's on stage. "

His sublime material is impressively taut, with not a word or even a pause out of place in the torrent of comedy. Superficially, his is a conversational style, yet you're never more than 20 seconds from the next gag as finely-tuned lines stack up with ruthless efficiency.

So crisp and pithy are the sarcastic observations, they almost seem like a collection of quotations from the world's great wits; making ideas seem so obvious that you'd wonder why you'd never considered them before.

Welcome breaks the ice with what looks like a card trick, but the only magic he does is with his material; using misdirection of the verbal kind to increase the impact of his already-strong punchlines.

Once he's established his comic credentials beyond any doubt, he relaxes into his set and eases off the throttle a bit.
Then the quickfire lines subside into chattier territory where he can explore new, offbeat, ideas, such as a five-minute exploration of fluid dynamics and aerodynamics launched from the deconstruction of a Bette Midler song which is a lot better than you'd have any right to expect.


Watched him last night at the Glee club, Oxford. By far the funniest of the three there, had tears in my eyes at one point. would definitely recommend to others. top top stuff :-)
John Wade, September 2010

Saw him at CGCC on Saturday and he was by far the funniest on a card that also featured Simon Brodkin and Geoff Norcott. Very dry sense of humour and delivered impeccably. Immense.
G, July 2010

Matt is a superb comic with intelligent humour that you wish you had thought of first!
Peter, January 2010

What a show! Confident, fast-paced, clever. And very very funny!
Michael Monkhouse, October 2009

Saw him last night in Guildford - absolutely brilliant. Gags well crafted, expertly delivered with incredible timing. How Mr W has not made it big I do not know, one of the funniest comedians around. Fantastic
Matt Gander, March 2009