Kate Shortt



Kate Shortt is a freelance cellist, pianist vocalist comedienne. Her playing work
takes her through varying genres including Portuguese fado, Classical, Jazz,
Theatre, Rock and Contemporary. Past work with pop artists include Gary Kemp of
Spandau Ballet, Take That and Simon Le Bon. She is also well known on the free
improvisation scene.  ‘… her fierce
avant-garde romanticism puts her in a class of her own…’ Kate’s one woman
sit-down comedy show ‘Shortt and Sweett’ has been described as ‘musical anarchy
at it’s best’ with topics ranging from Jewish Cats to Orgasmic Bach. Born in
London Islington at the Kings Head Theatre in 1991 the show consists of original
songs, impressions and  off the wall humour.
Festivals include Mardis Gras for Classic FM radio/Edinburgh/Covent Garden and
more recently Austria. ‘…she twists the dials of our genre sensitive mind,
hopping from station to station like a pre – digital radio sliding in and out
of wave bands…’ Alban Low – The Art Of Jazz. A remarkable Cellist…’ John Fordham (The Guardian) ‘… Wild cellist and
pianist with wide ranging vocals…’ – The stage ‘… Very funny polished act and a
wonderful elastic face…’ – London Live Radio ‘…Stomach achingly funny…’ Fleece
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On twitter at @kateshorttcello