Boothby Graffoe



"Sings songs that are both beautiful and funny" - The Guardian


 "'s not fair to call them comedy songs, they are much more than that, there are some i would dare to call genius."  -The Times


 "Buy two copies of his cd because you'll want to share but you won’t want to give it away." -The Scotsman


 "No more music maestro, please!" -The Independent


Boothby Graffoe doesn't often appear live these days save for supporting Canadian superstars Barenaked Ladies on two tours round Britain and Ireland and once on a cruise round the Caribbean. 


 "It's gloriously entertaining and creative stuff, with surreal leaps of imagination, twists of language and intelligent and pithy one-liners all intertwined with poignant yet often hilarious songs and music."
On twitter at @boobygraffoe