Antti Hakala (Finland)


Antti - or "Anti" - represents one of the minority groups on the international stand up comedy scene, as well as within the world population: blond, Scandinavian male persons.

Following The Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2008, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2008 and The Adelaide Fringe 2009,
disturbingly blonde "Anti" has found himself performing in the United Kingdom.

In his act, "Anti" brings his shy, Fenno-Scandic observations into the daylight - all with an exotic multicultural twist -
wishing and hoping that the sound of his unique foreign tongue would pleasantly tickle solar plexuses and beyond.

"A refreshing performance that provides good jokes on topics that aren't covered elsewhere."
"Darned funny."
-Funny Tonne, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2008

"Gentle. A little bit different. Pleasant."
-Festival Freak, Adelaide Fringe 2009