Jacob Hawley


Jacob Hawley is a London based stand-up
comedian, writer and performer.

He (...I) first performed stand up in 2014,
since then he's done hundreds of other, nicer gigs around the UK, including big
old sets at some very nice clubs. He has won King Gong at The Comedy Store, and
has been placed as a finalist and semi-finalist in some really cool

If you'd like to see me (him!) perform,
please see the live page, or email me and I'll send you a video. No videos on
here I'm afraid, I did that before and a man that I went to school with who has
now become an estate agent quoted my material to me at a music festival.

In 2017 I will be releasing a series of
animations that I've written and produced with some top lads, I will be
performing in a play titled 'I am The DiscoBot', which is even more fun than it
sounds, and taking my first solo show to the Edinburgh fringe.

''A more nuanced exploration of youth,
half-hearted liberalism, family ties and artistic expression, Jacob Hawley
drew immediate and repeated laughs from the crowd. He was dry, perceptive and
unexpected. A darn sight more entertaining than the majority of fringe
comedians we've caught so far.''

Arts Award Voice Magazine's review of
Brighton Fringe 2016 show GABOS

On twitter at @hawleyjacob