Chris Betts


In just 3 short years, Chris Betts has performed all across Canada, the UK and the United States at independent venues, comedy clubs, and international festivals including the Dark Comedy Festival and SXSW. He's recently moved to London from Montreal where he hosted Canada's only live comedy game show "The Liar Liar show" as well as "Drop the Gloves Tuesdays" at Grumpys pub, renowned in Canada for being the hardest (yet ultimately most rewarding) place to perform comedy in the country. Chris has a style that melds his easy charm and enthusiasm for the odd with his often dark and overwrought views of the world, a combination that no one is more surprised than he is that audiences of all types find thoroughly enjoyable. And if for some reason you don't enjoy his show, at least you will have seen a magnificent beard. And who can say no to that?
On twitter at @bettsaintfunny