Sindhu Vee


Sindhu Vee is most likely the tallest Indian woman you'll ever meet. As the daughter of Indian parents, a London-based mother, and bearer of half a PhD, it is rumoured but unverified, that Sindhu practised the dark arts of investment banking before making her parents proud by becoming a stand-up comedian. Sindhu’s ‘stan’ or world, is uniquely outlandish. The Girl From Sindhustan is quick witted, clever and fiercely funny, depicting the many worlds Sindhu inhabits.

Sindhu performs in Delhi, Mumbai and all over the UK including The Edinburgh Fringe. She only takes short breaks from gigging to suffer facial peels, and to film her show "Sindhu Vee's WTF?” on Bend It TV. Occasionally, when there's a lull in her schedule, she spends 1/14th of it talking to her kids.

"I watched Sindhu storm her set in a new act competition as if she was a pro" - Adam Bloom

"Sindhu’s appeal lies in the fact that she is totally different to what you expect a stand up comic to be like. She is by turn, searingly funny and, completely truthful about her personal life” - Gurinder Chadha
On twitter at @sindhuvfunny