Nigel Ng


In his standup, Nigel talks about unique subject matter, from doors to undershirts, finding humor in banal occurrences and objects. With his surreal but sharp scrutiny on the conceptual, he deconstructs common ideas and juxtaposes them for comic effect. Nigel’s comedy has been described as "clever, economical writing with evocative imagery”, "you’re crazy”, and "that guinea pig joke was good, man”. 

He has performed on the biggest stages in Chicago, among which are Zanies, ComedySportz, UP Comedy Club at Second City and various booked shows, including one show in his hometown, Kuala Lumpur. Thanks to his student visa, he also had the opportunity to open for John Oliver (of The Daily Show fame) during a campus speaker event. Nigel was part of the finalist team for Northwestern University in the 2012 TBS Rooftop Comedy Competition; Rooftop also nominated him as MVP.


On twitter at @nigelngcomedy