Monday 26 June

Doors: Doors 8pm 1st Show - 8.30pm 2nd Show 9.45pm

Tickets: £7/5 Available from

A chance to catch two full shows for less than the price of one before they go up to the Edinburgh Festival.  We aim to recreate the true Edinburgh experience – no audience, no pay for the acts, great fun!  We have an enviable record in predicting the big-hit shows before they win awards

Lucy Porter

Choose Your Battles

In her new show, Lucy Porter asks what is really important to her. In marriage, in parenting, and life in general you have to choose your battles, so when do you let things go and when do you make a stand?

"It’s impossible not to be won over.” The Reviews Hub ★★★★★

"Lucy Porter is exactly what every stand-up comedian at the Fringe should be like… An incredible breath of fresh air.” EdFest ★★★★

Simon Clayton is a Coconut?

This will be my first ever solo show in over 20 years as a stand up .

Being half Jamaican half English ,which means I'll screw you over in a drug deal but I will feel guilty about it .

That's me in a nut shell , with one white parent and one black  ,who was I supposed be ? what was I supposed to be ?  growing up . As an adult ,what I am now ?

At the age of 50 ,it's about time I made my mind up , I think I have , probably , being a Libran is not helping matters ,though.


Lucy Porter , Simon Clayton