David Ward


Presenter, writer and comedian David Ward, is fast making his name on the comedy circuit. David is a friendly, upbeat presenter with an intelligent yet warm and cheeky outlook that gives him a unique and gentle bite.

Fluid, quick thinking and lively, David’s spontaneity has made him the choice host for the BBC’s New Comedy Awards heats, as well as the rounds for C5’s So You Think You’re Funny? His ability to engage with his audience and think on his feet makes him an ideal TV presenter and interviewer.

David's Edinburgh show The Whole Truth and Nothing But... in 2007 was performed to great acclaim, proving his skills as a writer, storyteller and actor in addition to his presenting and stand-up skills.

With an early professional golfing career, an invite to enter the trials for Middlesex Cricket team at a young age and a keen interest in football, David Ward is ideally placed to present or guest on any sports programme or event.

"Audiences instinctively warm to Ward's naturally friendly demeanour and likeable and effusive manner", Chortle
"Guaranteed to be well-received, especially as his material is so universal… a reliably funny addition to any bill ", Chortle
"This poignant and moving show about a man's struggle through his gambling addiction, time in prison, and various relationships, is not the comedy I expected, but rather a retrospect that is darkly funny, in that way life can be. His observant nature is an excellent tool for both his comedy and his reflections, and … Ward proved to be a skilled storyteller, able to take the audience with him as he spoke honestly about all he has been through. …If you want a show that speaks with honesty, and with an added slice of black humour, you won't be disappointed.", Three Weeks-Edinburgh 07
"observant, engrossing … a skilful bit of storytelling …Ward has an interesting tale to share, and the audience remains engaged because they want to hear it. In the telling, he proves himself very good company ", Chortle.co.uk-Edinburgh 07
"Enjoyable and entertaining", Malcolm Hay, Time Out