Jeff Stevenson


Jeff is a vastly experienced comedian who has been in show business since the age of 14. Starting out as a child actor (yes, that is him in the famous Alan Parker film 'Bugsy Malone'!) Jeff was booked for his first paid gig at the tender age of 15. Jeff has been a top-rated comedian for over three decades and hugely enjoys performing stand-up comedy to audiences around the world. Jeff fully embraces the exciting challenge of moving with the times and keeping his act up to date. To achieve this level of freshness, Jeff writes new material daily.

Jeff loves to work the room and share banter with members of the audience without ever offending them.. He will always adapt his material to suit the requirements of the client. Jeff has always enjoyed the reputation of being a clean comedian when it comes to corporate engagements. His material is up to date and consists of observational comedy and punchy one liners as well as plenty of off the cuff ad-libbing.

Jeff is also a very capable MC and will ensure that any award ceremony moves along at a pace that will ensure the audience never lose interest. Jeff’s many years of experience as one of the UK’s top TV warm-up comics can help a corporate evening start off in style with the room in the right mood.
Jeff has been asked on many occasions to warm up a room full of delegates before the managing director takes the stage to make a speech in precisely the same way he would warm up a TV studio audience. This has proved extremely effective especially if it’s early morning and the delegates are still half asleep!
Jeff is regularly asked to run fund raising auctions and the results prove that booking a comedian to run the auction really works well. We all know how an auction can drag on and on but not with Jeff in charge, as he will make the auction not only quicker but will also be very entertaining.

Ask any TV executive who is the best warm-up man in the UK, and one name emerges - Jeff Stevenson. Jeff has spent many years working extensively as a TV warm-up comedian. This has led to many TV appearances in front of the camera and over the years he has appeared on over a hundred different shows as a guest comedian. He also hosted two series of the ITV game show Jumble and the LWT show Knees Up.
As an actor Jeff has appeared in many different situation comedies, most notably as the comedian in Rodney Trotters stag night in Only Fools and Horses ( Episode ‘ Little Problems’)
Jeff played the part of PC Parker alongside the brilliant Jim Broadbent in the Christmas film of Only Fools and Horses ‘ To Hull and Back’.
As mentioned earlier, Jeff played the part of Louis in Alan Parker's legendary film ‘ Bugsy Malone’.
Jeff was recently featured in the Granada documentary ‘After Bugsy’ alongside the Oscar winning film star Jodie Foster.

Jeff is a regular guest on Talk Sports Ian Collins Show , The Hawksby and Jacobs show and BBC Radio London’s Joanne Good Show.

Jeff thoroughly enjoys working in different areas of the entertainment business and loves the fact that his work schedule is so varied. A new area that he has ventured into during recent years is the corporate video. As an actor or presenter he has featured in videos for Hewlett Packard, Toyota, London Taxi drivers Association and Flying Colours.
Jeff is proud to have been asked by many of today's leading cruise lines to appear on maiden voyages on ships such as the Cunard flag ship QM2, Royal Caribbean's Independence of The Seas, P&O’s Ventura and this year he has been making regular appearances on Celebrity’s Eclipse during it’s maiden season.
Jeff is also one of a limited list of British comedians who can work to an audience consisting entirely of American passengers - a very specific skill.
In 2000 Jeff ventured in to what used be known as the alternative comedy circuit. He decided to work under the name ‘Harvey Oliver’ with an entirely new act. This resulted in Jeff as ‘Harvey’ playing most of the UK’s leading comedy clubs. Jeff still works as Harvey, headlining most weekends in clubs such as Highlights, Jongleurs and many more.
If you are looking for a reliable, professional and above all very funny comedian then Jeff Stevenson is the ideal choice.