Tickets for most shows can be reserved at (They charge 10% of ticket price as an administration fee but your ticket guarantees entry).

You can reserve tickets up to 6pm on the night of performance. After then, any remaining tickets will be available for purchase on the door. If you haven’t pre-booked, please check this site to ensure that there is availability. Tickets issued on a first-come, first-served basis. When we’re full, we’re full!

Important Notes:

  • Because of Covid regulations we are operating at REDUCED CAPACITY. Full information on entry requirements can be found on the CORONAVIRUS tab on
  • Bills may alter at late notice – check What's On for any last-minute changes.
  • There is no reserved seating Downstairs. Your ticket guarantees entry, but if you want a good seat, please be with us by the advertised door opening time.
  • Please bring evidence of booking on your phone, smart device or similar. You do not need to print the email - it's 400 times better for the planet if you don't!
  • You can book tickets up to 6pm on the day of the show. After then, any remaining tickets will be sold on a first-come first-served basis on the door at the advertised “doors open” time. Note - CARD ONLY and venue check-in required.
  • Also please note that, as an intimate venue, we discourage large group bookings, so tickets are limited to a MAXIMUM of 4 per person.
  • We want everyone to enjoy the show. Please don’t talk during the performance and ensure your mobile phone is turned off. You will be required to leave without refund if your behaviour is disruptive. No recording in any medium is allowed without prior permission.
  • Intoxicated persons will not be admitted.
  • The use of E cigarettes is prohibited.
  • Please note that, unless otherwise stated, admission is for OVER 18 year-olds only. The pub will not allow anyone in the building after 8pm who is under 18. They enforce this rule diligently. Please bring acceptable ID if you are lucky enough to look that young (Driving License, Passport, Military ID, or a proof-of-age card). You will NOT BE ALLOWED in Downstairs without it.
  • If you are planning on eating upstairs before the show, please allow plenty of time to finish before coming downstairs.

Any problems with online ticketing, please contact We Got Tickets via