Tobias Persson


“His material is thoughtful and silly, and he makes some sophisticated parallels alongside some surreal little islands of the bizarre and profane. Easy-going intelligence, and a curiosity which makes him lovely.”


Well, well, well…
I started out as a comedian in Sweden round 2001 and have been at it in Britain since late 2009. When not performing stand up, I write sketches and stuff for Swedish tv comedy shows, and put on my little “acting hat”.
(Have toured Sweden with 5 different Ray Cooney comedies)

I adore The Beatles, Woody Allen, Peter Cook, Chris Morris, Salvador Dali, David Sedaris and many other lovely people in an otherwise cold, cynical world.
On a rainy day (any day, really) I play the piano, the guitar but turn off the radio quickly if I hear songs with asthmatic nosies (hip hop people going “Uh!”) and the words “bitch” in them.

Im a friendly guy but I could murder many of my loved ones for a plate of yummy sushi. Oh, and Im a father of two. Almost forgot.
On twitter at @perssontobias