Sheraz Yousaf


"Sheraz opened Wanstead Comedy Night on Sat 14th Sept with a 10, and did a great job. He has a very amiable style and quickly won over the room of 100. Although relatively new to stand up, he is showing the dedication, professionalism and the charm to progress rapidly. His material is also developing rapidly with some excellent mimicry being encorporated into a very funny set. In ebay terminology,Highly refommended A+++++"
Wanstead Comedy Night, London, September 2013

"Sheraz has been hosting and booking acts for the comedy segment of a monthly mixed arts event I curate.
As far as bookings are concerned, he conducts himself and communicates in a professional manner, always reliable and bringing exciting new acts to the stage.
As an MC, Sheraz is able to grab the audiences attention and quickly amp them ready for the comedy vibe! Energetic and charismatic, he always gets a laugh and the audience warms to his friendly and enthusiastic approach to introducing the main acts of the evening!
I couldn't recommend sheraz enough, a true professional and a total pleasure to work with!"
Tim Fulker, Our Friends Records, Kingston-Upon-Thames, September 2013

"Sheraz hosted my last Giggles In The Gallery night last Wednesday and I've got to say how pleased i am that he did it, as i thought I'd booked only 8 acts but 16 turned up one after the other. Sheraz immediately took charge and instinctively knew what to do and how to deal with the situation. Needless to say the evening went without a hitch. Seamless and very professional. I'll definitely book him again."
Yigal Raymond, Giggles In The Gallery, London, September 2013

"I held a charity event 'The Taste of Woodstock festival' in London at the Rattlesnake of Angel in July 2013 where Sheraz performed for us -he was absolutely brilliant. The crowd loved him. Even if it was a rock'n'roll festival, he did a great job making all the people laugh and relaxed. Very professional and easy person to work with. highly recommend and I will definitely book Sheraz for my next event."
Agnieszka Koba, Marketing director at, July 2013
On twitter at @sheraz_yousaf_