Dan Evans


For over a decade Dan's accessible but childish surrealism has delighted audiences throughout the UK and Ireland. He’s also had his grammar corrected by Dutch and German crowds; performed for chubby sweating ex-pats in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore and Thailand, and is one of just two UK comics to play Hanoi, Vietnam.
ooooooHe’s appeared on BBC 2's Brain Candy, Channel 5 at The Store and the Channel 5 Comedy Zone, Radio 2’s Stand Up Show and 28 acts in 28 minutes on Radio 4.

He writes too, the sitcom pilot, 'THE HOUSE OF ROOMS' he wrote with Milton Jones went out recently. Just click to watch.

Dan also dabbles in crime fiction, so why not check out his first book of short stories ‘Tales From the Casebook of D.I. Snaith’.

He’s also written extensively for TV and Radio – for inquiries about that sort of thing please contact Helen Robinson at United Agents.

Finally there 'The Mouse That Teased The Wind', a short film he made yonks ago now.

'Skilful and surreal' The Scotsman.
'Original and Inventive' The Times.