Russell Hicks


One of the most exciting comics to come out of America, Russell Hicks is branded one of the 'Top Six Comics to Watch' by LA's Stand Up Talk Magazine. He has appeared on LA based panel show Direct TV's 'What's News?' and is a regular guest on hit podcasts such as Talkin' Sh*t with Eddie Ifft.

Headlining the nationally acclaimed student circuit in the United States, Russell regularly takes his hour long solo shows across the country to the biggest universities.

Prolific and consistently delivering quality new work, audience members are often compelled to return for two nights in a row. Fast and loose, no two shows are ever the same

"Astonishing, astonishing and astonishing. He simply took the roof of the place leaving people talking about his act all night. His entire 20 minutes was totally improvised based entirely on audience interaction. It did help that we had one member of the audience who looked like the twin brother of Larry David from ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ and provided Russell with so much material to improv on. Based on this one gentlemen’s comments, Russell created a world where he is doing a West End show about willy-helicopters, the 28th October is now International Toothpaste Day and his performance last night was just a figment of the gentleman’s imagination. The audience were at times almost collapsing with laughter on the floor and I was one of them. Watching Russell Hicks last night was reminiscent of watching early Ross Noble on stage. Brilliant", Cheeky Monkey Comedy Club - Nov-2014
"Hicks has a sharp wit.. the pessimism of Jack Dee mixed with the deadpan aggression of Denis Leary. A riproaring night of tough love from a witty comedian ****", - Aug-2014
"Russell Hicks was a surprising highlight for me – American standup who wove wide-ranging improvisation and interaction with the crowd with deprecating jokes about American stereotypes and a wry swipe back at British culture... very funny.", Ashbourne Voice - Jul-2014
"Russell Hicks is Amazing", Comedy Palace
"absolutely smashed it last night. What was most impressive is that he somehow managed to completely improvise for the entire 30 minutes, which I have never seen done before. I have worked in numerous different comedy venues and I have also never seen a comedian get a huge round of applause for simply leaving the green room, which Russell did. I believe he has a bright future in comedy with his unique talent to riff so well.", Bearcat
"It’s impressive to witness the fountain of verbal gold that comes out of the comedian.", NerdsDoItBetter
"a gift…very funny", Stand Up Talk
"Russell Hicks is Amazing", ADN
"He had us in stitches….non stop laughs", NoFrillsThrills
" Russell was great last night in Cranbrook - doing a middle spot between Gary Delaney and Bob Mills was a tall order but he carried it off with aplomb. Given his performance I would be happy to have him at any of my clubs anytime", Lonestar Comedy
"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for sending Russell to my gig last night, it was a pleasure to have him here, and he was so very funny, although we only had 50 in the audience due to it being half term, they were all in stitches, probably one of the best we have had since we have been doing the comedy nights in two years!", Richard, Potters Arms
Best Crowd Work and Improvisation - So Cal Comedy Contest, 2013
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