Mad Ron


…. brilliant comedy set. Ron is one of the finest comedy characters around...….  hilarious and adds real variety to any comedy bill. - Andy Stedman (The Stand-Up Club Piccadilly)

Mad Ron is a cracking act with some beautifully delivered gags. Had the crowd in stitches - Paul Merryck (AComedy Club Chelmsford))

Mad Ron is a class act. Working class that is!! He brings fun, danger and laughter to any gig. If Mad Ron is on my bill I’m guaranteed a great evening. Book him. You’re in safe hands and if you don’t , he’ll have the boys round!!! - Sandra Hale

Mad Ron has headlined for Yellow Comedy on a number of occasions and has received fantastic crowd reactions at every show. His smooth story telling and well crafted jokes never leave the audience disappointed. Mad Ron is a comic who gets stronger with every comedy performance and adds fantastic value to every comedy show he appears on. - Andrew Carberry (Yellow Comedy)

"Mad Ron's character comedy is not only very funny, but also very believable and very mad, every town has a mad Ron but probably not as funny as this mad Ron character on stage! See him live now before he's locked up or on a tv show!" - Patrick Monahan

Audiences love Mad Ron's unique view of the world. It'd be criminal not to have him at your comedy night! - Richard Jay (Wimborne Comedy)
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