Monday 18 June

Doors: Doors 8pm 1st Show - 8.30pm 2nd Show 9.45pm

Tickets: £7 ADV. £10 on the door Available from

A chance to catch two full shows for less than the price of one before they go up to the Edinburgh Festival.  We aim to recreate the true Edinburgh experience – no audience, no pay for the acts, great fun!  We have an enviable record in predicting the big-hit shows before they win awards 


Do you know what you're doing? And if so, why?  Does anybody? Yes - Mitch Benn does. He’s back, with guitar in hand, a spring in his step, a bee in his bonnet and giving a piece of his mind (there’s enough of it to go round).  He's come to ask searching questions and eat biscuits. And he's all out of biscuits.
'Well crafted lyrics, catchy tunes and a charismatic performer.  What more could you ask for?' Leicester Mercury
'The country’s leading musical satirist'  The Times


Milo McCabe: 1001 Moments with Troy Hawke!

Troy Hawke returns with another riotous hour, navigating the detritus of everyday life and the divine properties of Scrabble Values.  This year, amongst other things, he tackles overthinking, illuminati on the high street and (literally) a thief in Liverpool.

‘Spectacular character…razor sharp wit laced with a touch of the surreal’ Fest **** 
'A character so defined and well realised that the room is instantly on board with his quite unique critique of modern life' The Wee Review****. ‘Character comedy that is near perfection’ The New Current *****

Mitch Benn , Milo McCabe