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We're Sprucing Ourselves up!

The club is shut for a couple of weeks and reopens on Monday 19th October

Don't forget to sign up for special (secret) early information on a fantastic festival planned for the week beginning 19th October. We’re reopening the new look refurbished Club with a week long festival of shows in and around Crouch End celebrating over 30 years of continuous operation.

Some of you may have seen on Stewart Lee's Website that he is playing Downstairs at the King's Head on Tuesday 20th October.  This is an error on his part - for which he apologises!  He is, as previously advertised, performing with us on WEDNESDAY 21st October. He will be on early and the show will now start at 8pm (not 8.30pm as usual).  Sadly, the Wednesday show sold out very quickly, but wegottickets.com will inform you of how to re-allocate or get your tickets refunded if you no longer wish to attend the Tuesday 20th show.




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This week

We are currently closed for a refurbishment until October 19th

New Lights, New Sound...and a microphone stand that works.

So, we're having a festival from October 19th...

Big names appearing...

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