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Pleased to announce that RICH HALL will be joining us this Sunday 21st - tickets available

The Legendary Try Out Night returns this Thursday with 14 acts, new and established, trying out fresh material. Hosted this week by Andrea Hubert and only £4 or less in.

On our last Saturday show of the year we welcome Mark Maier, Tim Clark, Alan Francis, Dr George Ryegold,Toby Adams and Dominic Frisby - a lovely mixed bill for £11 (£7 concessions).

I highly recommend booking for this SUNDAY 21st Xmas Special, a fantastic bill featuring Rich Hall, Rick Right, Otiz Cannelloni, Paddy Lennox, Ria Lina and Dominic Frisby.

Note: Rabbi Santa's Xmas Show on Monday 22nd is now sold out - sorry.


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This week


Try Out Night

Andrea Hubert MC


Mark Maier

Tim Clark

Alan Francis

George Ryegold

Toby Adams

Dominic Frisby


Xmas Comedy Variety Special

Rich Hall

Rick Right

Paddy Lennox

Otiz Cannelloni

Ria Lina

Dominic Frisby

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