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Coronavirus – Shows now NOT HAPPENING until further notice


We're waiting for the time we feel that it is safe to start shows again Downstairs.

This won't be until 19th July at the very earliest. The most likely scenario is that we will use August for some test events and aim to be back to some sort of normal in September. 


As soon as there is any news of reopening we'll announce it everywhere...


We will be back, better than ever!

The Week Ahead

I thought I’d share the current thinking on how and when we re-open Downstairs at the King’s Head for public performance.
The hospitality industry is expecting a high demand as restrictions ease but the jury’s out on how comfortable audiences will be in confined spaces. Much of what makes Downstairs at The King’s Head a great club for live shows is exactly the set of conditions that invite contagion. I’d imagine the Crouch End audience in particular will want to feel safe. I carried out a small survey of what people may want available on re-opening and most are happy to return if there are measures in place; sanitiser, distancing, ventilation(!), maybe a one-way system because of pinch-points on stairs. Obviously, each promoter will have to work out how this impacts their costs, insurances, and whether gigs are tenable. The first time any of us could usefully look at reopening Downstairs for performance is now July 19th, subject to Government regulations.
My instinct is that, maybe after an initial splurge, things will return slowly to previous levels and practices. The summer has always been the quietest season for attendances. So, I am planning to use July and August to run occasional shows as test events.
In the longer run, I predict the vaccination roll-out will make programming much more viable from September onward. That is when I’d envisage running at the same level as before lockdowns.
So, keep your eyes on websites and social media. We’ll make more announcements once further planning is done and we have dates in place. Feel free to join the email list for regular updates. ( list@downstairsatthekingshead.com )
I hope you are all well and I look forward to getting things going again. Please be assured we cannot wait to return, but only if everyone is safe and comfortable.
Stay safe, look after yourselves and each other.
Peter Grahame