Michelle Shaughnessy


Introducing Canadian comedian Michelle Shaughnessy who debuts at the Edinburgh Festival this year with her show ‘Be Your Own Daddy’.  The show, directed by Adam Hills (The Last Leg), will be at the Underbelly Bristo Square for the month of August. 

‘Be Your Own Daddy’ is the story of how Michelle spent her whole life waiting for someone to fix her life.  The show covers all elements of her life - the good, the bad and the even worse… Michelle was bullied as a child and didn’t realize the profound effect that had on her until she quit drinking 3.5 years ago and took stock of her mental health. She delves into her world and shares them with a readiness and hilarity that most others struggle with. Whether it be her 20-year battle with bulimia or being so poor she had to scam to get groceries, Michelle knows how to make all her issues into comedy.

"Be one of the first to see Michelle in the U.K before she's all over TV. Hilarious! 

The ideal night out" KATHERINE RYAN